Shoei GT-Air 2 vs Shoei RF-1200 – Which Is Better?

Wondering what’s the difference between the Shoei Shoei GT Air 2 vs Shoei RF 1200? Let’s find out what are the differences between the two Shoei helmets and which one of these would be a better helmet for you.

Shoei GT-Air 2 vs Shoei RF-1200 – Comparison

Shoei GT-Air 2

A helmet for the everyday rider, the GT-Air II is one of the most versatile full-face helmets available today.

Based on what used to be one of the most versatile touring helmets, the original GT-Air, Shoei studied ways to enhance that design for maximum comfort and additional functionality.

The goals, simple as they were, are not easy to achieve when you’ve already got a stellar helmet design.

The biggest improvement available is for those that don’t like to travel incommunicado – the GT-Air II is ready for near seamless integration of SENA’s SRL2 communication system.

You’ll find ready-made channels for plugging in the device as well as all the related components; headphones and microphone boom.

With the SRL2 components properly fitted, there won’t be any wires flopping about or odd pieces of plastic/rubber pushing on your skull.

And you don’t need to add this kit right away to get the most out of the helmet.

Shoei RF-1200

With the RF-1200, you get a light, safe and comfortable helmet suitable for a wide range of riding conditions. Each helmet ships with extras: a lower chin curtain, Pinlock Evo visor cover, breath guard, and helmet bag.

All workmanship is backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

That brings us to the 3D Max-Dry interior liner. This fully-removable and washable liner works with all of the ventilation channels to keep you comfy. When correctly sized (TJ is an expert at this!), the helmet fits just-right snug.

And with that, keeping the helmet properly positioned on your head sees to it that maximum safety is achieved.