Best Motorcycle Airbag Vest (2021) – Top 10 Picks

A lot of people think motorcycle riders are crazy, and to some degree they’re right.

But there is a method to our madness: we ride motorcycles for the freedom, the exhilaration, and the sense of danger it brings us.

Nowadays though, you can’t just hop on your bike without an airbag vest or other safety gear.

With so many accidents happening all over the world involving motorcycles and cars (some fatal), we want to make sure we take every precaution possible when riding.

Have you seen what happens when a car hits a motorcyclist?

They go flying through the windshield in less than two seconds!

It’s not pretty—or safe!

That’s why investing in quality protection like an airbag vest can be life-saving!

Here, check out these best motorcycle airbag vests you can try next.

Bestseller No. 2
Motorcycle airbag Vest Moto Racing Professional Advanced motocross protective Reflective jacket (M, Black)
  • 1. The vest can be reused after being inflated, just change the cylinder according to the instructions.
  • ​2. The inflation time of the vest is 0.2s. When accidentally falls off the horse or motorcycle, it can be inflated in a short time and protect the body. ​
  • 3. The waistcoat is made of canvas material, which is breathable and wearable.
  • ​4.There is a size guide in the picture, if you don’t know how to choose the size you need, you can contact us ​
  • 5.​The button on the chest of the vest can be adjusted to 10cm.
Bestseller No. 4
Alpinestars Men's Motorcycle Riding Track Vest 2, Black, Large
  • Back protector CE certified according with the EN 1621_2 : 2014 level 2.
  • Technical stretch net construction for comfort and durability.
  • PE foam padding throughout vest for added comfort.
  • Chest compartment with removable PE foam. ( Nucleon chest protector available as upgrade )
  • Adjustable and removable kidney belt for secure and personalized fit.
Bestseller No. 5
Racing Airbag Vest Motorcycle Airbag Vest Adjustable Elbows, Waist Tightness Men's And Women's Vests Suitable For Motorcycles, Bicycles, Horse Riding, Skiing ( Color : Black , Size : XXX-Large )
  • 1. Reminder: Precautions CO2 cylinders are high-pressure and cannot be sent from the plane, so they are not equipped with CO2 cylinders. Cylinders can be purchased in your country/region. The diameter is 1/2 inch steel bar. It is recommended to buy 33CC-40CC or 33g capacity can be used
  • 2. Mechanical triggering: the airbag opens quickly at the moment of separation (about 0.15-0.3 seconds) of the cyclist and the bicycle. The inflated airbag can play a good cushioning protection and avoid the body. Hard contact between the ground and two falls
  • 3. Use attention: When riding, please link the connection rope to the motorcycle, and connect the connection rope to the vest to ensure safe use
  • 4. Material: The main fabric is 600D thick dense canvas, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and stab-resistant, inner fabric: polyester mesh
  • 5. Reflective vest for locomotives: a large area of ​​prestige front and rear reflective material to improve driving safety at night
Bestseller No. 6
Alpinestars Men's T-Missile Air Motorcycle Jacket Tech-Air Compatible, Black/Black, Medium
  • Two zippered hand pockets .
  • Waist connection zipper allows attachment to Alpinestars riding pants.
  • Embroidery logos and direct print graphic details.
  • Low profile collar construction with 3D textured comfort fabric on inner collar lining.
  • Pre-curved sleeve construction reduces fatigue.
Bestseller No. 7
TCMT Airbag Motorcycle Airnest Air Bag Vest Hi Visibility w/ CO2 Cartridge (L, Black + Fluorescent yellow)
  • Product Name :Airnest Airbag Vest
  • Color : Black + Fluorescent yellow ;Size: L(As Picture Shown)
  • Airbag can effective in 0.1 second back protector,removable ! 600 D very effective against abrasion yellow fluo textile for more visibility of day Broadband TT1000 washable retro-reflective for a safer night driving
  • Convenient, lightweight, discreet !
  • Package Include: 1x Airbag Vest 1x CO2 Cartridge
Bestseller No. 8
CHCYCLE Motorcycle Vest Armor Protection (Large)
  • Size M length:19.3", L length: 22.4",XL:24.4":,XXL:25.2" kindly check the size chart before buying in order to avoid any mistake
  • chest and back protection
  • Reflective Night Vision
  • Length for shoulder and waist belts can be adjustable
  • Made of high quality hard plastic, durable mesh, Velcro strap, durable and breathable
Bestseller No. 9
YXYECEIPENO Equestrian Riding Air Bag Vest Locomotive Vest with Airbag Soft and Easy to Clean, Reusable Motorcycle Reflective Vest (S-3XL, 6 Sizes, 2 Colors) (Color : Black, Size : Large)
  • 1. Fabric: The outer material is made of 500d fabric, wear-resistant, the inner material is mesh lining, comfortable and breathable
  • 2. Airbag: mechanically triggered in 0.15-0.3 seconds to protect your riding safety
  • 3. CO2 cartridge gas cylinder: not equipped with vest, CO2 cartridge, because compressed gas cylinder cannot be sent out by aviation, it can be perfectly fitted in your country.
  • 4. Size: S-3XL, suitable for people with different heights and weights
  • 5. Scope of application: used for motorcycle riding, equestrian sports, suitable for adult men and women, 4 seasons motorcycle riding protection
Bestseller No. 10
Motorcycle Jersey Inflatable Anti-fall Motorcycle Airbag Vest Reflective Strips On The Front And Back To Protect Your Riding Safety At Night Suitable For Cycling In All Seasons, For Men And Women
  • 1. Reminder: Precautions CO2 cylinders are high-pressure and cannot be sent from the plane, so they are not equipped with CO2 cylinders. Cylinders can be purchased in your country/region. The diameter is 1/2 inch steel bar. It is recommended to buy 33cc or 30g capacity to use
  • 2. 0.3 seconds to trigger the airbag: airbag trigger system, mechanical trigger system, mechanical trigger multi-directional trigger, sensitive and accurate. Easy to install and can be used repeatedly. The airbag opening time is shorter and safer, the opening time does not exceed, and it has good durability and reliability
  • 3. Reflective vest: front and rear reflective strips to ensure the safety of riding at night and easier to be found
  • 4. Convenient design: elastic buckle/zipper is equipped with plug-in elastic band/zipper for more convenient wearing
  • 5. Motorcycle airbag vest is suitable for scenes: motorcycles, bicycles, horse riding, skiing and other outdoor sports

How effective are motorcycle airbag vests?

Motorcycle airbag vests are designed to protect riders and riders from injury. They essentially work by deploying a strong fabric barrier in the event of a crash.

This cushioning material is fastened to an airbag filled with helium gas. When the rider is thrown from their bike, the fabric deploys in milliseconds and can spread up to four feet.

There are many different types of motorcycle airbags that come in a variety of colors, styles, and weights with different price points so there is something for every rider.

The effectiveness of these vests really depends on a few factors including whether or not they fit properly and whether or not they’re worn correctly.

It should be noted that wearing a properly fitted airbag vest is the best form of protection available because it can help prevent head and spine injuries associated with motorcycle accidents. If you do purchase an airbag vest, we recommend picking up a high-quality helmet along with the vest to complete your protective gear.

The fabric in the airbag vest needs to be able to properly distribute impact when combined with a helmet and should cover your back, shoulders, ribs, and sides.

Buying an airbag vest for your motorcycle ride is much like buying a seatbelt or other safety gear for your car. You wouldn’t buy an insurance policy for your car without being able to properly fit it, so you shouldn’t buy an airbag vest for your bike without being sure that it fits right.

The main purpose of the airbag is to keep motorcyclists from flying over their handlebars and hitting the ground at high speeds. When these guys crash and end up being thrown over their handlebars, airbag vests are known to dramatically reduce serious injuries.

One study even claims that the chance of death is cut in half when wearing this type of protective gear. According to another study conducted by researchers at UC Berkeley, wearing an airbag vest can reduce the chances of being killed in a motorcycle crash by nearly 70 percent.

The downside, as with any form of protective gear, is that there is a chance you could hinder your movement if the airbag deploys during an accident.

Some riders also complain about the bulkiness and feel like they’re unable to move freely when wearing their vest.

Are airbag vests reusable?

If it hasn’t been damaged, some vests are reusable. For most types of CO2 cartridges you will need to buy a new one after each use and for wireless options send back the kit so an approved dealer can reprogram or fit the gas canister if needed too.

How do you clean an airbag vest?

We recommend that you use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the surface of the vest down. Avoid using any sort of chemicals or harsh solvents because they may damage the fabric.

Also, avoid using a vacuum to clean an airbag vest because vacuums can rip the fabric and release particles from the debris of whatever it is you’re vacuuming up.

If any of the sensor pads are dirty, clean them with a scrub brush and isopropyl alcohol. Be gentle when you are cleaning.

If you are using soap or water to clean the vest, make sure that both sides are wet before putting it on. If the airbag system sensor area gets wet while wearing the vest, it will activate the airbag system automatically.

If this happens, take off the vest and let it dry out completely before putting it back on.